Tiny Saints - Pretty much the coolest saint charms ever! Collect and share these little reminders of who’s up in Heaven praying for us!



Hello! We’re Tiny Saints, and this is our story.


In 2012, my wife and I wanted to introduce the saints to our young children. But, they were more interested in the stories of their favorite TV & movie characters than the lives of the saints. The traditional statues and medals simply didn’t capture their attention. Sound familiar? So, we decided to meet them at their level and design a faith-based product to look and feel like the toys and characters they see every day. When our kids started sharing with their friends and begging for more, we knew we had something special, and Tiny Saints was born.


From retail products to education to entertainment, our goal is to simplify the profound concepts of sainthood and share it with as many people as possible.


Since 2012, we've sold more than 100,000 Tiny Saints charms. Wow! Customers (like you!) have found our products online, at conferences, and in over 200 retail stores, churches & schools worldwide. In 2014, our award-winning children’s book, "The Saints Are Watching Over Me", proved we are more than just a charm company. You’ve spread the word through social media and in your faith communities about the Tiny Saints that are clipped to your backpacks, purses, keychains, pet collars and more. Thank you!


Your support has inspired us to keep growing, and we are not slowing down! For 2015, we’re working on a brand new project to tell the stories of the saints in a way that will reach audiences everywhere! 


Thank you for loving Tiny Saints, and for taking the time to learn more about our company. We hope these little products continue to bring us all closer to the center of all of this: Christ.

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